Monday, July 6, 2009

Sometimes, you just have to eat the burrito...

Loving It:
America, the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, and all American holidays
Asian noodle salad (thanx Pioneer Woman!)
coconut everything
Joel McHale (heeheehahahoho)
photographs of the West
dulce-de-leche cookies
Red Sox
noodles and dumplings! [Note: I revoke the love of noodles and dumplings after RoosterDNB snuck some shrimp dumplings into my order unbeknownst and certainly unbewanted to me!]
Greek yogurt
cooking with garden-grown herbs: chives, sage, mint
iTunes apps (like the free Spanish tutor and BrainTeaser)

Over It:
Diet Coke - never thought I'd say that in a million years
reality shows - especially the semi-celeb-capades
tweets (exceptions: Ashton and JetBlue coupons!)
people that think hybrids will "save the environment"
ethnocentrism and current US foreign "policy"
Conference keynote speaker lead-in music (so cheesy!)
Speidi - Couldn't agree more with Al Roker: "You're done now."
Expeshally, libary, could-care-less, patriartical, eksetera

*unless said parade features lots of horses and/or "bathing beauties" from small, red-neck towns.