Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I thought about doing this last year, then of course forgot about it. Then the other day I went to a presentation on technology in education that included word clouds from wordle.net. If you haven't seen word clouds before, now is a good time to introduce yourself. How it works is you paste in some text or a website url and then wordle creates a visual image, or word cloud, of the most frequently used words (largest) to less frequently used words (smallest).

So, I plugged in my blog address and behold: a visualization of my thoughts. Hmmmm. I half expected the largest word to be "me" or "I." I am not surprised about "TV," but I did not see "dumplings" coming. Do I talk about dumplings often? Is it possible to be completely unaware of your own dumpling obsession?
Actually, I think since I don't have an RSS feed on my blog it only uploaded the words from only this page. That's a relief! I was a little disheartened to realize that dumplings frequent my thoughts. Now, if it would have said "guacamole" I would totally understand. . .


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