Wednesday, January 20, 2010

recipe testing

Monday, August 31, 2009

The New Traffic School Curriculum

When you attend traffic school at one of our fine law enforcement institutions, these are the instructional videos they show to inspire lawless drivers like me to obey the speed limit:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I thought about doing this last year, then of course forgot about it. Then the other day I went to a presentation on technology in education that included word clouds from If you haven't seen word clouds before, now is a good time to introduce yourself. How it works is you paste in some text or a website url and then wordle creates a visual image, or word cloud, of the most frequently used words (largest) to less frequently used words (smallest).

So, I plugged in my blog address and behold: a visualization of my thoughts. Hmmmm. I half expected the largest word to be "me" or "I." I am not surprised about "TV," but I did not see "dumplings" coming. Do I talk about dumplings often? Is it possible to be completely unaware of your own dumpling obsession?
Actually, I think since I don't have an RSS feed on my blog it only uploaded the words from only this page. That's a relief! I was a little disheartened to realize that dumplings frequent my thoughts. Now, if it would have said "guacamole" I would totally understand. . .

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sometimes, you just have to eat the burrito...

Loving It:
America, the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, and all American holidays
Asian noodle salad (thanx Pioneer Woman!)
coconut everything
Joel McHale (heeheehahahoho)
photographs of the West
dulce-de-leche cookies
Red Sox
noodles and dumplings! [Note: I revoke the love of noodles and dumplings after RoosterDNB snuck some shrimp dumplings into my order unbeknownst and certainly unbewanted to me!]
Greek yogurt
cooking with garden-grown herbs: chives, sage, mint
iTunes apps (like the free Spanish tutor and BrainTeaser)

Over It:
Diet Coke - never thought I'd say that in a million years
reality shows - especially the semi-celeb-capades
tweets (exceptions: Ashton and JetBlue coupons!)
people that think hybrids will "save the environment"
ethnocentrism and current US foreign "policy"
Conference keynote speaker lead-in music (so cheesy!)
Speidi - Couldn't agree more with Al Roker: "You're done now."
Expeshally, libary, could-care-less, patriartical, eksetera

*unless said parade features lots of horses and/or "bathing beauties" from small, red-neck towns.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Call me Crazy

I want to do this: Daybreak mini triathlon

Who wants to go to eh-Spain?

So, I have a free place to stay in Valencia, Spain. What I don't have is a travel buddy. Anyone interested in going to Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza with me for a week in late August?

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

I just bought Anuhea's album. Only $5.99 on itunes.