Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Thousand Stinky Smells

Last month I went to California to visit my friend Chris and we went to San Francisco for a few hours. We almost didn't go because my flight came in late and it would cut our trip a little short. But we persevered and had a great time in the land of many stenches. Has anyone else noticed how much that city stinks? Every block contains a ninja army of stealthy stench that attacks the olfactory when least expected. I saw a tank of big fish in Chinatown (see pic below) and rushed across the street to take a picture. Before I hit the sidewalk however, the fishiest, most disgusting smell hit me and I had to stop in the middle of the street or risk passing out.

I love that city though - the food (minus the smelly fish in Chinatown) can't be beat. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to find a place to eat before we left, but let's just say that Dante's pizza in Stockton can give SF a run for it's money on the amazing food factor.

Sneaking into a nice hotel to use the bathrooms. Good call considering we were headed to the capitol of unidentifiable stench: Chinatown.
Nasty. Check out the creepy red eyes!Chinatown and market
And for some strange reason, Chris really wanted to go here
Not my best hair day.Sweet backpack, man!


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