Sunday, December 9, 2007

my perfect man

Unfortunately, I finally found my perfect man. How is that unfortunate you ask? I mean, he's smart, sweet, tall, lanky, has dark hair and eyes, a little bit nerdy, and I'm almost positive he's a Red Sox fan, loves animals (also pretty sure), kills at Boggle, is a little goofy, has the perfect amount of wit and sarcasm, looks good in a suit and tee shirts, understands what's important in life and is family oriented. What's the problem you ask? He's a character on a TV show. I have decided that Chuck is my perfect man. I mean, just look at us. We're perfect for each other. I suppose I should say that Zachary Levi is my perfect man. But I don't know what he is like in real life. Besides, actors aren't really my thing. Now, a nerdy guy who is slightly socially awkward who watches kung fu? Sign me up.


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