Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Turkey turkey dee and turkey turkey dap, I love to eat the turkey and then take a nap . . .

Ahhhhh . . . Turkey time. I'm not going to lie, it's one of my favorite days. For all of you that have to eat your turkey without my Grandma's sage stuffing, I give you my sympathies. This is a recipe that has never been written down. My mom knows it by heart and this year I am going to learn to make it. It is amazing stuff - unbelievable. I have never had it's equal. It IS Thanksgiving! We've never allowed any other kind of stuffing near our house on Thanksgiving day. It is truly a delightful experience (my in-laws agree that my mom's stuffing is the best - don't tell their moms!). I seriously can't wait - how great is it that we have a holiday centered around food?

Of course I also like that it's a time to be grateful. So here is a list of things I am grateful for:

1. Turkey.
2. Stuffing.
3. Mashed potatoes (so creamy).
4. Yams.
5. Lay's Original Potato Chips with Clam Dip.
6. Pumpkin Pie with real whipped cream.


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