Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What kind of TV show is titled Chuck? The AWESOME kind

Ah fall. The leaves, the crisp autumn air, the holidays . . . and the new TV premieres! Benefits of being a Blockbuster Total Access Premium customer = you get access to special DVDs such as NBC’s Fall Preview.
This DVD included pilot episodes for NBC’s top new shows: Chuck, Journeyman, and Life. The best one by far is Chuck – the others may or may not make it (in the case of Journeyman, I’m going to go ahead and say that it will be canceled before the season is out). Lori the music sherpa and I watched the pilots the other night after our weekly chili and baked potato at Wendy's and we agree that we both love Chuck. Lor, we're BFFs and all, but I will have to fight you for him.

Reasons why I love Chuck

  • It’s a good idea. An unlikely hero who has all government secrets downloaded, so to speak, to his brain from an attachment to an email his ex-roomate/buddy/spy sent him on his birthday.
  • He saves computers by day and the world by night.
  • He works at Buy More as a part of the Nerd Herd team (clever play on Geek Squad at Best Buy). That’s funny.
  • Chuck is HOT – in the good, nerdy kind of way. Zachary Levi as Chuck is the result of my secret desire to combine Zach Braff, Adam Brody, Jim from The Office, Eric from That 70s Show and a real dude (who shall remain nameless) into my perfect man.
  • It’s action+deadpan wit=funny. The friend/sidekick is very Seth Green and hilarious. The ninja scene alone sold me on this show.
  • The premise, while being completely far fetched, is actually not that unbelievable. And Chuck is cute and witty enough that of course the hot spy will eventually fall in love with him instead of selling him out to the NSA.

I am excited for Fall TV time – we’ve got The Office coming back strong, and I can’t wait for My Name is Earl and 10 Items or Less. I will be definitely be adding Chuck to the lineup.


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