Thursday, June 21, 2007

white trash weekend

it'll drive a cowboy crazy. . .
ah, summer. when white trash activities abound. i wait all year for it: rodeo/demolition derby/carny days. where the kettle corn flows like beer and dudes with handle-bar mustaches and short shorts flock like drumsticks to a bucket of fried chicken. last week kicked off the official rodeo season with the strawberry days rodeo in pleasant grove. as it turns out, i have quite the strawberry days legacy. my great-grandmother was actually strawberry days queen in the 1920's, and i myself won a few blue ribbons at various horse shows at the rodeo arena ( i only have one picture of me at a horse show. wasn't my horse beautiful? we won a lot of blue ribbons that summer).
here are a few pictures from the events of last weekend.
brad thinking he's clever by stealing my camera and trying to take a picture of the girl behind him. . . . . . and then being busted for it.
the sights at the rodeo are mighty fine.

ben isn't afraid to show some cleavage. and also living a country song moment with a barbeque (nacho) stain on his white (blue) t-shirt . . .
shooting is awesome. chris knows how it's done. poppin' a cap with his .40


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