Friday, May 25, 2007

it's a mystery

One of Death Valley's most intriguing geological whodunits -- the sliding rocks of the Racetrack Playa. i was talking to a friend about electricity the other day and i realized that i have no idea how electricity really works or even exactly what it is. i started thinking about all the stuff i just don’t get. that same friend’s roommate told a funny story a while ago about some random girl at work that said something to the effect of, “you are so smart! do you know everything?” after an awkward pause, he answered something like, “um, not everything. . . but i’m getting close.” apparently she believed this and went on and on about how cool it would be to almost know everything. i find that very amusing - how could someone be that stupid? but it gave me an idea for a blog. i started writing down a few of the few things that i don’t know/understand.

here is the perplexing list so far. (p.s. i often like to make up words and wanted to use the word, "perplexities" here. but when i looked it up at, i got pop-up advertisements for, an applebees gift certificate, and an advertisement for buick. not to stereotype or anything, but that is web analytics working at it's finest!)

  • why people in my ward can’t remember who i am after i’ve met them 50 times (not just my name, they literally don’t remember me). in one particular case, this guy didn’t remember me a week after we spent 45 minutes talking. in his BEDROOM. you visit once and they remember your third-grade teacher's name.
  • why anyone likes the movie "the notebook"
  • why people think it’s okay to talk and/or answer their cell phone in a movie theater
  • why people can’t at least drive the speed limit in Provo
  • why people think that in-n-out burgers are anything but average
  • how it’s possible for a liquid, such as fruit juice, to contain fiber
  • how walkie talkies work – how does the sound travel through the air to the other walkie talkie?
  • why i’m suddenly one of the lucky 28 million Americans who get migraines
  • why anyone would be an obsessed fan of anything; more specifically star trek, the beatles, or the crazy people who thought the grand opening of the billionth IKEA store was actually newsworthy.
  • who came up with the idea that people should work 8 hours a day, five days a week starting at 8am
  • why you can know something logically but feel something completely different
  • how silent prayers are heard (but i know they are)
  • how los hermanos is still in business (this restaurant should be listed in the phone book under "worst mexican food ever”)


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