Friday, May 11, 2007

cubicle escape tactics

10 excuses to get out of the dreaded
cubicle farm*

1. you seriously need a big gulp
2. tell your boss that you need to go to circle k to inspect the strange things that may or may not be afoot
3. 3 - 6pm is happy hour at sonic
4. "accidentally" print every document on the company shared drive forcing an outing to staples (i loooooooove shopping for office/school supplies)
5. get a wet floor sign from maintenance and tell everyone that you need to let your desk air out
6. call your office line with your cell phone and make it sound like your presence is urgently needed at the "other" office.
7. stay up all night building a time machine and set it for 4:59pm today
8. personally take on the office vermin problem by volunteering to go to home depot to get mouse traps
9. put those office supplies to good use: find a red dry-erase marker and cause a temporary small pox scare
10. schedule a meeting with the bob's

*feel free to add to the list


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