Friday, January 26, 2007

sometimes i swear it feels like this worry is my only friend (trouble/ray lamontagne)

lately music has been affecting me more than usual. i've been paying attention to the lyrics of some songs that i've heard over and over, but never really paid attention to. now they seem to scream out their message to me. i feel a connection between what's happening in my life right now and what the song is about.

"hands open" snow patrol
it's hard to argue when
you won't stop making sense
but my tongue still misbehaves and it
keeps digging my own grave

"most uncommon thing" five times august
so take me as you please, i want you
and say you'll be my ease
and promise the same things i promise you
just that will do

"star mile" joshua radin
and all the gold dust in her eyes
won't reform into a ring
you had and lost the one thing
you kept in a safe place
remember the face
of the girl who had made you her own
and how you left her alone

"time of your song" matisyahu
moonlight illuminate my night and my days sunray
make the people say
and a vision something's missing so they're screaming out loud
keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds
i'm the arrow, you're my bow, shoot me forth and i will go
and i know and i go and i go, get up and go
make me feel it's for real, tell me what you know

"waiting for my real life to begin" colin hay
any minute now my ship is coming in
i'll keep checking the horizon
and i'll stand on the bow
and feel the waves come crashing
come crashing down, down, down on me . . .
and you say, "just be here now,
forget about the past,
your mask is wearing thin" . . .
on a clear day
i can see, see for a long way


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