Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i have become one of those people who are constantly attached to their ipod. music has been a huge part of my day during the last few months. when it's quiet in my house, i can't relax until there is some sort of background music. the only time i don't listen to music is when i'm outside walking or biking (for some reason it feels strange to cover natural sounds with artificial ones).

are you ready? because here is the best playlist of all time (well, these 10 songs are my favorite until i make a new best playlist of all time).

1. hold you in my arms/ray lamontagne
2. porte de souvenir/les nubians
3. run/snow patrol
4. ride/cary brothers
5. my love/justin timberlake
6. so far away/donavon frankenreiter
7. someday/the afters
8. angels and devils/mishka
9. time of your song/matisyahu
10. to be alone with you/sufjan stevens


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