Thursday, September 7, 2006

slanglish, round II

abbamatically - the tendency for an unbearably annoying song to repeat over and over in your head all day after hearing it on the radio.
example: the pussycat dolls have more abbamatic songs than anyone else on the radio. if i hear that don't cha one more time . . .

aberzombie - one who wears only abercrombie & fitch clothing.
example: provo is the aberzombie capital of the world.

adorkable - being adorable in a dorky sort of way.
example: eric on that 70s show is so adorkable.

backblog - overflow of incidents you intend to write about on your blog.
example: i've been meaning to update my blog for five weeks but the backblogging is killing me.

chude - a chick that looks like a dude.
example: my friend ben is always pointing and yelling, "look at that chude!" wherever we go.

florange - a word that doesn't rhyme with anything else - except orange.
example: as orange as florange.

larb - to butter one's toast excessively.
example: my roomate loves butter so much that she flarbs her toast until it's soggy.

preject - to reject something before a formal offer is made.
example: i have mastered the preject around weird guys with a propensity for asking every female within range on a date.


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