Thursday, August 31, 2006

utah hearts president bush part 1

i have so much to write, that i'm going to have to do it in two posts. last night was a momentous occasion. my sister got tickets to go see president bush when he arrived in utah to speak to the state leaders and the american legion. it was pretty amazing actually, and there were hundreds of people there. and a whole herd of very hot young republicans - i was almost too busyhot young republican checking all the hot guys out to watch for the president to show up. we went to a utah national guard airbase just east of the slc airport and got to see airfoce 1 land and taxi up to the waiting crowd. then a huge stairway ramp was lowered from the front of the plane and out stepped president bush. he said a few words to the crowd from a podium, which were very inspiring and interesting.

one thing i do remember about his speech is that he was very focused on defending our country and he said that it was his main duty to protect the united states of america from harm and that he took it very seriously. he also said that he believed in an almighty, and he believed that the almighty would have for every person in the world their god-given right to be free. he also said, "i'm a tell the veterans how much america appreciates their service to the united states, of, uh, america." he's an interesting man - even through his southern style of speaking, which isn't the slickest in the world, you can still tell that he's very capable and dedicated to what he does. it was a really great experience to be there.

my sister, micol, a.k.a. the "golden child," somehow always ends up being right in the middle of the action. i swear, the girl has a gift for turning even the most routine of experiences into amazing. she told us that she could tell where the president was going to go to meet the crowd, and sure enough, there he was, shaking hands and kissing babies. my nephew got to touch the president's hand, and micol got to rub his arm (both of his hands were already being shaken, and she just had to do something, so she vigorously rubbed his arm - and she was absolutely ecstatic about it). then we saw doug wright from ksl talk radio, and of course my sister knows him personally and went up to talk to him. as people were asking for photos and autographs from him, he stops everything just to talk to her. he puts his arm around her and thanked her for the book she sent his son (he collects old volumes of the book, the red badge of courage and she saw one at the thrift store and sent it to him). i'm telling you, the girl has a rare gift. she has spoken at the capitol, been on the news several times, hangs out with powerful politicians, and always has amazing and unusual stories to tell. actually, come to think of it, my brother has the same gift. whether he's going on trips to lake powell with professional wakeboarders to film footage for an xbox game or showing snowboarding pros how it's done down little cloud at snowbird, the kid always has these crazy "you won't believe it, but it's true" stories. everything from meeting the incredible hulk at a gas station in nowhere, wyoming to personally delivering a marble back-splash to harrison ford at his ranch in jackson hole. i can't figure out how we're even related. the stuff that usually happens to me is more embarrassing than amazing - like the time i accidentally said "venereal" instead of vernal at my first work meeting at byu, and when i was driving home from a business trip in colorado and i drove away from the gas station with the gas hose still in the gas tank and the cashier ran out screaming every obscenity imaginable at me.

*things overheard at very republican rally to meet the president*

"bush! look over here!" - screamed out by a 14-ish year-old kid who was going nuts over seeing the president and screaming like he was seeing his favorite band in concert.

"i'll do you right over here" - said by one of four extremely hot young republicans taking our tickets at the gate. my only response to this was, unfortunately, "shubluh bluh."

"see, that girl is listening to music too, except she's not singing out loud" - thankfully pointed outthe plane, the plane! by a mother to her teenage daughter and friend who were sharing the headphones of an ipod and were attempting to harmonize to some crappy broadway song from wicked or some other similarly overrated and tacky musical.


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