Friday, August 25, 2006

guilty pleasures

what would life be without our guilty pleasures? last weekend i went to the salt lake county fair. that's right. my feet were filthy from walking around in flip flops in the fairground dirt. i paid $5 for a bag of kettle corn (totally worth it), i gazed longingly at the giant purple stuffed dragon that a mullet-rocking boyfriend should have won for me, i even thought seriously about going on a pony ride. the main reason for going to the fair, as much as i love county fairs, was the demolition derby that night. now, if you have never been to a demolition derby my friends, you are missing out on one of the greatest spectacles of man vs. machine ever seen. it is a gritty display of unleaded horsepower, fearless driving, and men in tight, acid-wash jeans. where else but in the american west can you find such a display of mullets over matter? crash-'em-up derby's have got to be one of my favorite events of the summer. every spring i eagerly google any demolition derby listing in utah. there are at least 10 of them each summer and i make sure i attend at least one. i also make sure i expose my less-cultured friends to some fine entertainment and fascinating people watching.

this year was no disappointment, my friends. as i was heading to the restrooms, i caught a glimpse of a handsome and mysterious stranger wearing boots whiter than the purest snow, shorts shorter than milli vanilli's career, and a sleeveless shirt revealing muscled biceps that took my breath away. now this was what i was waiting for! unfortunately, i was speechless. so i just watched, mouth agape, as he strut by (i say strut because he did not walk - it may have been the too-tight shorts or his over-confidence in his ability to win the chicken dance dance-off). you can't buy that kind of entertainment - it merely graces you with it's presence if you are lucky and if you are in the right line for the port-o-potty (pictures coming soon - don't forget to check back, you won't want to miss them).

now, i do not feel the need to explain myself in any way, even though they are called "guilty" pleasures, i certainly do not feel any guilt for enjoying the enjoyable things in life. my personal ethics have been questioned time and time again when i innocently mention to someone in general conversation that i went to a monster truck rally or rodeo last weekend. in fact, i have a friend [who shall (chris) remain (chris) nameless (chris!)] who has many times referred to me as being "white trash." so - in an effort to clue in all you sorry, unadventurous stiffs, i have decided to admit to all of the guilty pleasures that i frequently enjoy. that's right, some of my secret passions will be revealed, and you will not be able to hold these against me any longer now that i publicly and proudly admit to it all! (it worked for hugh grant).

trust me, these are top notch guilty pleasures. admit it - you secretly love them too.

* demolition derby's
* gas station nachos
* costco hot dogs
* carnivals
* watching motocross
* finding "swimmin' holes"
* fishing with easy cheese
* dutch oven cookin'
* cowboys
* rodeos
* riding horses bareback
* funnel cakes
* muscle cars - especially the GTO and '69 camaro
* the dukes of hazzard
* kenny rogers and dolly parton duets
* boys that work on cars shirtless
* steak

what are your guilty pleasures? share with the group > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 comment!


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