Friday, March 3, 2006


take notes people:

a dollar three eightyfive - nonsensical price for when one does not want to give the real price.
example: how much do i make an hour? a dollar three eightyfive.

absonotly - used when the intent is to most definitely decline in no uncertain terms
example: i will absonotly share my fries, thanks

barbofsky - huge mustaches or people that wear them.
example: my uncle still rocks the short o.p. cord shorts and barbofsky a la magnum p.i.

broke - extremely fugly.
example: whoa, that hairless dog is broke!

budget - anything cheap looking.
example: that waffle house on state is strictly budget, but it's good.

carbon - to copy
example: i finally carboned that cd for you.

charp - the one green mutant chip found at the bottom of every bag.


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