Wednesday, January 18, 2006

hello moto

I have a crappy Nokia phone that I got for work over three years ago. Actually, truth be told, I'm on the second crappy Nokia phone that work gave me since the first one accidentally dropped out of my pocket into a kiddie pool in my backyard. I took it apart, grabbed a hair dryer, and saved the day. Then, a few days later, it again accidentally dropped out of my pocket into the toilet at work. You don't want to know what I had to do to save the day that time. Let's just say I'm lucky that there were no solid contents to navigate whilst retrieving the phone. There was a LOT of sanitizing to be done after that. Anyway, after the double droppings (toilet humor pun totally intended), I ended up with a brand-used crappy Nokia phone that was the same exact model of the first one, only older and about 3 pounds heavier. After the water damage to the first one, I was all excited to get a new phone, but the secretary told me that I could just use the spare phone that the marketers sometimes took on trips. Goody. But now, after having paid my dues and being obedient to the crappy cell phone overlords, I am now the proud owner of a lovely silver RAZR phone. Sometimes I pretend I'm talking on it just so I can hear "She's so hot right now" in hushed and reverent tones. I mean, just talking on a slim silver flip phone makes me feel more important. Excuse me - I have a call. . .


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