Monday, October 16, 2006

Overheard (more or less)

i've decided that i talk too much. so i'm going to try to listen more than i speak. there is a downside to this as i'll be paying sharp attention what people say when normally i'd either ignore them or talk over them. warning: anything you say (or type) in my immediate proximity can and will be posted on my blog.

random things overheard this week:

wife: "it's our four month anniversary today. we're going to celebrate at village inn."
husband: "we have a coupon."

"you know, boozer has a nice tatoo. i'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's a really nice design."

"if it's on water, it's legal."

"did you know your hair is extremely southern?"

"well, it's just that i'd be worried if someone said, "it smells like 'you' over here."

"i wouldn't mind having a swastica on the wall."

(i love it when people sing out loud thinking no one is around to hear them) "sweet caroline. bmmmphh bmmmph bmmmmph."

"are you allergic to coconut? because i already tried to kill someone today."

"do you think a deer could kill you?"


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