Tuesday, November 7, 2006

the final countdown

6 days until i go to playa del carmen! viva la mexico! i'll be sure to post pictures like the one in my banner (the beach at tulum is one of the top 10 beaches in the world). i love mexico. while i'm there, i'll be going to the ruins at chichen-itza and tulum and possibly isla mujeras, xcaret and xpu-ha. but basically i'm all about the beach. the beaches in the caribbean are amazing - better than anywhere in the states or hawaii (i lived in oahu for 6 months and went to the beach almost every day. my favorite was waimea).

the last few times i've been to mexico i drove there and camped on the beach in a small fishing town on the sea of cortez called puerto penasco. it is such a great place - it's small and the people are incredibly nice. it's right on the beach and the food is amazing. i've only been to cancun once, and it was only for a day (it was the last stop on a caribbean cruise). it was such a tourist trap, but we walked about half a mile from the dock and found a nice quiet spot on the beach. it was okay, but the beaches were not nearly as cool as belize or roatan (an island off honduras).

i booked this trip to playa del carmen in august. this summer was a hard one for my family. my grandmother passed away of breast cancer in july and my mom had taken care of her for over a year. she sacrificed a lot so that my grandmother could stay in her home. it was a really hard time for our family but we also had some really amazing experiences with my grandma before she passed away. it was especially hard on my mom since she had been living with my grandma for a few years before she died. i decided that my mom deserved a long vacation so i booked a week's stay at an all-inclusive resort in playa del carmen. i've never been to an all-inclusive resort before, but i've heard really good things about them. it's going to be one of the most touristy vacations i've ever taken (normally i dislike doing anything touristy - i cringe every time i see loud, obnoxious tourists when i'm on vacation) but i also think that the all-inclusive route is the most relaxing way to spend a week in a foreign country. it feels like years ago that i booked the vacation and now it's finally here! i'll be posting pictures here as soon as i get back.

here are some pics of the place we're staying:



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