Wednesday, February 7, 2007

things that made my week

i was checking my messages on my phone at work and i came across an old saved message from "bill lundberg" about turning in tps report cover sheets. i don't even remember my friend kristophe leaving this on my phone, but it made my day.

it's entirely possible that i ate the best taco ever at taco bell today

found heart-shaped york peppermint patty in bottom of purse that got me through hour long meeting before lunch. no meeting, hour long or otherwise, should come just before lunch.

went to gym for 40 minutes and could literally feel my body losing mass.

bit into a hershey's kiss not realizing it was of the cherry filled variety and had to spit it out very unlady-like in front of co-worker.

burger supreme. enough said.

i went to buy a license plate holder/frame at autozone and all i could find were fake chrome holders molded in the shape of chains, barbed wire, flames and/or playboy bunny/mud flap chicks.


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