Monday, March 12, 2007

how to simultaneously make your life both easier and more difficult. at the same time.

1. be honest in a relationship
2. drink the water in mexico
3. when someone asks you what you think, tell them the truth
4. when someone doesn't ask what you think, tell them anyway
5. make to do lists. and when you don't do everything on your list, keep adding tasks until the list is so long that you end up shoving it in the back of your drawer until next month.
6. don't bother cleaning your room. it will just get messy again anyway.
7. curb rampant consumerism by sharing food with roommates. and by share, i mean go through the fridge and eat whatever you see that sounds good to you at the time, even if it's not yours.
8. buy soul calibur III for your new PS2 and find out that your friends, who have never played before, are freakishly good. this way, you don't have to wonder if you will win a game. ever.
9. buy all your songs from itunes instead of paying full price for CDs that clutter up your car anyway.
10. have a party at someone else's house. preferably one with a huge home theater room and an xbox 360.


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