Wednesday, September 5, 2007

stormy sky

There's a patch of blue in the stormy sky,
A memory of a brighter time.
When everything was new, and less watered down,
Before the summer turned to brown.
- Sherwood "Song in My Head"

i love summer rainstorms. thunder woke me up this morning. instead of feeling unsettled by the noise, i felt calm, peaceful. i looked out my window at the mountains. they were glowing red in the early, stormy light. i wish i would have taken a picture of it, but i didn't want to get out of my cozy bed. ever since i bought a duvet when i went to england in college i have had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning - especially in the winter. there is something about a rainy morning and a duvet that makes you want to curl up and read a book with hot cocoa and sufjan stevens playing in the background instead of getting up and going to work. i love days like this (as long as the rain only lasts a day or two - any more than that i start to miss the sun).


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