Friday, July 27, 2007

six degrees of kevin bacon . . .

i heard a rumor that hollywood is going to remake the movie "footloose." i am not sure how i feel about this - how can you one-up an 80s classic? "footloose" is one of my favorite movies and i'm not sure that the kid from high school musical is up to the task of taking on the bacon. "footloose" has a special place in my movie collection for a variety of reasons, one of them being that a large part of the movie was filmed in my hometown. one could say that i am just one degree from kevin bacon.

while i was in "bomont" the other day, i decided to document what was left of the buildings used in the movie for posterity - seeing as how the movie is about to be completely disrespected by some hollywood teen idol wannabe.
Exhibit A:
the historic church where ren first meets ariel
the church door handle that the bacon surely
must have touched at some point during filming
kevin bacon stood here . . .
Exhibit B:
the site where the hi-spot hamburger joint used to be, which is now a blockbuster. this is where ariel is caught listening to (gasp) crappy synthesized no-name 80s pop. coincidentally, the hi-spot was also the place where my parents would hang out in high school.
Exhibit C:
the infamous lehi roller mills where the town that outlawed dancing couldn't stop one tank-topped kid's dream of holding a prom in a flour mill basement.
there you have it - the original "footloose" will live on in the hearts of those who know. for more movie magic, check out the music sherpa's post on Steel Days - the carnival featured in the photos is the very same one that was used in the movie "the sandlot" when the kids get sick on the carnival ride after chewing tobacco. i was there that fateful night - but alas, they wouldn't let me be one of the extras that got to have buckets of puke thrown on them.


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