Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pick Number Six

My sister Jeana can make stuff. Amazing stuff. She can sew and crochet anything you ask her to - no need for a pattern. She also makes the best snickerdoodles on the planet, hands down, her homemade rolls are mouth watering, and she can make a peach pie like nobodies business. If this particular pie she made last summer were entered in the-best-pie-ever-made contest, she would win. It was so good, I took a picture of it. And it just happened to be number six.

(And speaking of making stuff, my other sister Micol happened
to make the amazing table cloth the pie is sitting on - love it!)
LoLo tagged me to choose the sixth photo from the sixth photo folder on my computer. So now I tag her back to go into itunes and post the twelfth song from the eighth playlist on the nineteenth day of the third month of two-thousand-and-nine and dedicate it to me.


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