Friday, September 12, 2008

Superhero Brother

Last night was the G.Love concert at Red Butte Gardens. Ahhhh, G.Love. I think this was the seventh or eighth time I've seen him. My friends and I saw him six times in one year alone - I was an unintentional groupie. Once my friend Lori even caught the harmonica he threw out into the crowd. For a pretty much unknown artist from Philly, he sure comes to Utah a lot. And he usually says something about going fishing on the Provo river before the show. I actually thought about driving up the canyon yesterday because I knew he would be there, somewhere.

It was a great show - the John Butler Trio was great, even though they didn't sing "Losing You" (see video below). We missed Tristan Prettyman unfortunately, but she came out on stage at the end to sing "Beautiful" with G. I love that song. Tristan has such a great voice and I love when they say "peanut butter jelly, butter butter . . . "

He also sang "Hot Cookin' ", one of my favorites from Lemonade. G.Love, he likes the lemonade. But he seriously needs to lose the chicks dancing around in the background of his video.
Like an idiot - I forgot my camera. I never know whether or not cameras are allowed into concerts, so I never think to take it. And then I end up kicking myself because not only does everyone have cameras, but we always we end up on the front row at the G.Love concerts. I half expected him to say, "Well hey there girls - I keep seeing you on the front row at all my concerts. Why don't you come on back stage after the show for some lemonade. . . "

peanut butter jelly, butter butter. . .

John Butler singing, "Losing You"


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