Tuesday, September 9, 2008

using our superpowers for good

What superpower would you choose if you could have one? I have always wanted the power to snap my fingers or crinkle my nose a la Samantha Stephens and travel anywhere I want in the blink of an eye. If that were possible, today I would have lunch at Haleiwa Joe's on the North Shore, go surfing in Fiji, take in the sunset in Patagonia with some penguins, have a late dinner at a cafe in Morocco, catch the northern lights in Norway and be back in time to watch re-runs of Burn Notice or My Boys. Until this superpower unveils itself (preferrably at an opportune time - like when I blurted out "Venereal" instead of "Vernal" to a room full of colleagues whilst discussing small towns and their educational needs; instead of turning beet red with embarrassment while they all looked at me like a vulgar and worldly harlot, I could have been attaining enlightenment and inner peace by being instantaneously transported to the Taj Mahal), I will just have to discover some other, less exciting superpowers.

Time O'Reilly (tech editor and expo producer extrodinnaire) said recently on the O'Reilly Radar
"What good is collective intelligence if it doesn't make us any smarter?
In an era of looming scarcities, economic disruption, and the possibility of catastrophic ecological change, it's time for us all to wake up, to take our new "superpowers" seriously, and to use them to solve problems that really matter."
I am too often afraid of what I'll say or do wrong to really make a difference. What if none of us were afraid to operate at full capacity? What if we weren't concerned with what am I getting out of it and instead focused on what can I do about it?
If we all are given different talents and capabilities, maybe it's time to start working as a team. Maybe it's time for me to stop wishing/complaining/whining about the current circumstances around me and start using my superpowers for good. I know they are in here somewhere . . .


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