Monday, August 11, 2008

missing out

i HATE when this happens. i was looking up concerts and noticed that jack johnson and rogue wave are playing with a new guy. someone named neil halstead. i looked him up to have a listen, as i'm wont to do when i see bands i like playing with bands i've never heard of. i really like him. he reminds me of alexi murdoch, sufjan stevens, nick drake and iron & wine all kind of rolled into one, lovely, glorious listen. so i looked up his albums and lo and behold, i almost bought sleeping on the roads years ago! i hate it when this happens! i could have been enjoying the smooth sounds of neil this whole time had i not forgotten to buy that album back in the day. i love getting the early scoop on unknown artists - and this guy does not disappoint (if you like the above listed artists, you'll probably like neil). i recommend the songs "witless or wise" and "oh mighty engine" for your listening pleasure.

it's not too late - i guess i'll just have to listen to both of his albums now to make up for lost time.


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