Thursday, March 20, 2008

joyeux anniversaire to moi!

It was my birthday yesterday. I have pretty much been celebrating all week - and it's not over yet! I went to House of Kabob on Saturday with friends, dinner with my mom on Monday, I took a day off work on Wednesday and slept in, made Belgian waffles, went to Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum, and Yapona for lunch. Then went to book club where there were balloons and cupcakes (see banner) waiting for me!
Opening Lori's present
looooove itblurry pic of rainy walk to House of Kabob - what is it
with me and waiters with questionable accents?

the loot - well, some of it. THANKS EVERYONE!
Tres delicieux - merci beaucoup Lori!It has been the bestest sweet sixteen (deuced plus two) ever!


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